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Humourous Hedge Men for all Events to entertain your guests!
Give a tree hug with our living topiary bushes and they'll even hug you back!

Meet one of the worlds most interesting, and fun walkabout entertainment acts - They are amazing for meet and greets at events to put a smile on your guests faces. The Topiary Hedgemen look exactly like any other piece of garden sculpture, until you walk past and they tap you on the shoulder! or steal your hat!

The Hedgemen have travelled all over Europe wowing crowds and making friends. They love to have their photos taken or a selfie, the cheeky chaps wave, dance and join in all kinds of fun at all styles of events. After being grown in the creators garden they have now BRANCHED out and started to STICK to their idea of entertaining the world...

Simon Cowell: "Wow, now thats different"

David Whiteley: "These are amazing!"

Ant & Dec: "Wooooo check these guys! Incredible"